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The 2022 agenda has been announced! Featuring speakers from Current Chemicals, General Electric, Licensing, IMEC, Intel, Ghent University, Nanosys, Quantum Science, NanoPattern Technlogies, Inc., Quantum Solutions, Hendy Consulting. View the agenda >>>

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Yu Kambe - NanoPattern Technologies, Inc.

Yu Kambe

CEO and Co-Founder at NanoPattern Technologies, Inc.
Dr. Marie Anne van de Haar - Seaborough Research

Dr. Marie Anne van de Haar

Program Director Materials at Seaborough Research
Dr. Juan J Santaella - VALEO Lighting Systems

Dr. Juan J Santaella

R&D Electronics Architect at VALEO Lighting Systems
Ian Hendy - Hendy Consulting

Ian Hendy

CEO at Hendy Consulting
Ilan Jen-La Plante -  Nanosys

Ilan Jen-La Plante

Senior Staff Scientist at Nanosys
Bill Cohen, Ph.D. - Current Chemicals

Bill Cohen, Ph.D.

General Manager at Current Chemicals
Dr. Stuart Stubbs - Quantum Science Ltd.

Dr. Stuart Stubbs

Product Director at Quantum Science Ltd.
Dr. Norman Luechinger - Avantama AG

Dr. Norman Luechinger

CTO and Founder at Avantama AG
Ben Mangum - OSRAM Group

Ben Mangum

Senior Manager at OSRAM Group
Hunter McDaniel, Ph.D. - UbiQD, LLC

Hunter McDaniel, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO at UbiQD, LLC

John Doricko

Business Development Executive at QUANTUM SOLUTIONS
Kim De Nolf - QustomDot

Kim De Nolf

CEO and Co-Founder at QustomDot
Sam J. Camardello, PhD - General Electric, Licensing

Sam J. Camardello, PhD

Director of Phosphors and Advanced Materials at General Electric, Licensing
Jerry Kang - Omdia

Jerry Kang

Research Manager, OLED Flexible, Micro LED and Emerging Technology at Omdia
Michael Schmidt - Bruno Bock Thiochemicals

Michael Schmidt

Technical Marketing Manager at Bruno Bock Thiochemicals
Dr. Eric Virey - Yole Développement

Dr. Eric Virey

Senior Market & Technology Analyst at Yole Développement
Itai Lieberman, Ph.D. - imec

Itai Lieberman, Ph.D.

R&D Team Lead Optical Devices at imec
Dr Michele D'Amico - Nexdot

Dr Michele D'Amico

R&I Director at Nexdot
Jason Hartlove - Nanosys

Jason Hartlove

President & CEO at Nanosys
Kunjal Parikh - Intel

Kunjal Parikh

Chief Technologist /Director of Products, Client Customer Ecosystem Development at Intel
Prof. Zeger Hens - Ghent University

Prof. Zeger Hens

Physics and Chemistry of Nanostructures at Ghent University
Peter Palomaki, Ph.D. - Palomaki Consulting, LLC

Peter Palomaki, Ph.D.

Owner, Chief Scientist at Palomaki Consulting, LLC